Want to make your music extra attention-grabbing? Add a subwoofer. That’s what Amazon did and, abruptly, your entire Echo sensible speaker lineup is much more attention-grabbing. If you weren’t impressed with the sound of an Echo, think about attempting once more with the Echo paired with an Echo Sub. The subwoofer modifications the sport.

The Echo Sub is a small, spherical sub lined in the identical material because the Echo audio system. Currently it’s solely out there in darkish grey. It’s designed to be sat on the ground or a sturdy desk and serve up the low notes the Echo audio system are unable to breed. The Echo Sub does its job, making audio from the Echo audio system extra full and gratifying, well-balanced and wholesome. The Echo Sub is a must have for Echo house owners.


Amazon offered TechCrunch with a pair of $99 Echo audio system and the $129 Echo Sub. This equipment is obtainable for $300, however Amazon additionally sells the Echo Sub bundle with two Echo Plus gadgets for $329 — that’s the bundle to get for the reason that Plus fashions have bigger speaker drivers. I believe the distinction might be well worth the further $30.

Setting up the system takes about 25 minutes. Each speaker is individually added to the Alexa smartphone app. Once all three audio system are put in, they need to be bundled in a digital group. The app’s prompts make it straightforward, however I discovered the method buggy. When attempting to mix the audio system into a gaggle, the app would generally fail to find one of many audio system. Other instances, the 2 audio system have been discovered, however the sub was not. Eventually, I acquired it configured and ended up with two Echo audio system working in stereo and a subwoofer dealing with the low-end sounds.

The distinction a further speaker and subwoofer makes is beautiful. But it shouldn’t be stunning. Stereo is how music was purported to be loved.

Years in the past the Jambox and its numerous Bluetooth speaker clones satisfied a era that one speaker is all that’s wanted for music. That’s a lie. One speaker will get the job completed, however two, working in stereo will at all times be higher. And on this case, with the addition of a subwoofer, it’s a lot, significantly better.

Des Rocs’ Let me Live takes full benefit of the newfound soundstage. The left and proper audio system explode with exercise, creating an immersive listening expertise that’s not doable with any single speaker from an Amazon Echo to Apple HomePod. The stereo association lets the music breathe.

AKA George’s Stone Cold Classic comes alive with this setup. The Echo Sub gives dramatically extra depth to the monitor whereas the…

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