Apple hires Top Nike Fuel Band designer for iWatch design

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Nike+ Fuelband

Apple iWatch theorists will have something to chew on, as the company has reportedly tapped one of Nike‘s top design directors, Ben Shaffer, to work on wearable products, according to 9to5Mac.

Shaffer was the Studio director of Nike’s research and development lab, Innovation Kitchen, which worked on the popular Nike Fuel Band, a wristband that helps a user keep track of personal fitness habits.

The hire, which remains unconfirmed, comes amid wide speculation that Apple’s working on a wearable, watch-like device. Shaffer’s addition to the Apple team is sure to fuel speculation about the company’s progress on that product.

Notably, Apple CEO Tim Cook sits on Nike’s board, and has been a vocal fan of the Fuel Band. At the D conference series earlier this year, Cook called wearable computing “profoundly interesting.”

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