Apple’s Ecosystem Becoming a Driving Force, Exposing Android’s Weaknesses

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Hundreds of millions of Apple users are diving ever deeper into the diminutive fruit company’s ecosystem – Apple’s rabbit hole if you will.

Starting out on the deep end of the pool, is akin to entering a companies guarded fortress with arms open wide. It’s a risky proposition. But for Apple users, heading into the iOS or OS X world is like walking into a securely developed fun park. iOS 7, iCloud, and the forthcoming OS X Mavericks will have users experiencing Apple’s seamless solutions more so than ever before. And there is little worry within the minds of these users because they are loving the Apple experience.

Android may be a ubiquitous mobile offering, but the complications it delivers have become a pin the tail on the donkey approach. Android quickly becomes a exercise that requires a rather hefty learning curve. Nearly everything users want to do instantly becomes an investigative process. Printing, sharing files, piecing together productivity apps, communications/messaging tools, music, video, purchasing content from online offerings, fiddling around is the rule – not the exception – with Android devices.

Contrast this with Apple’s seamless end-to-end solutions, and it quickly becomes a no contest scenario. iTunes, iRadio, Music Match, iPhoto, PhotoStream, iMovie, iCal, Contacts, Pages, Keynote, Numbers iCloud, Podcasts, iBooks and Newstand. All free applications or iCloud services that works across all Apple devices, seamlessly so (and working at an ever-increasing rate with Apple TV).

Microsoft has the desktop, but is 3 – 5 years behind the mobile scene. Google has search and the cloud, but no desktop space, and neither have the total off-the-shelf integration of Apple’s ever-expanding portfolio. Only Apple has the desktop, mobile and cloud solutions seamlessly intertwined, and at an increasing rate, freely given to its users.

The gap between Apple and the competition is becoming wider with every Cook and company Special Event, and OS X Mavericks looks to be another promising integration of Apple’s entire ecosystem that no competitor can match on their own. Apple’s ecosystem, a happy rabbit hold indeed.

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by: Mark Reschke


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