Apple’s marketing chief takes to Twitter to knock Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3

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Schiller at Apple's iPhone 5S unveiling in September.Schiller at Apple’s iPhone 5S unveiling in September. (Credit: Josh Lowensohn/CNET)

Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller has once again turned to Twitter to take shots at the competition.

This time the target is Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, with Schiller pointing to a report from Ars Technica claiming that the new flagship phablet is inflating benchmarking skills by up to 20 percent in some cases.

Schiller, who’s been a semi-regular Twitter user since 2008, said only one word: “shenanigans.”

The accusation of benchmark-boosting is not Samsung’s first. The company was also accused of fixing Galaxy S4 benchmarks in a report by AnandTech back in July, something the electronics giant vehemently denied.

For Schiller, the tweet comes about seven months after he took a crack at Android’s security, pointing to an F-Secure Labs quarterly Mobile Threat report that said Google’s Android was getting more malware, with a casual mention to “be safe out there.”

Schiller is not the only Apple exec to take to Twitter, an unusual habit for the historically very secretive company. CEO Tim cook recently joined as well, while iTunes, iCloud and App Store boss Eddy Cue‘s been a user of the service since 2007. Apple’s former iOS software chief Scott Forstall meanwhile has not tweeted once since joining the service in mid-2010, and continues to follow only one other user — comedian Conan O’Brien.

Josh Lowensohn

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