iPhone 6 will raise screen size close to 5 inches, says analyst

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The iPhone 4S (left) next to the iPhone 5.The iPhone 4S (left) next to the iPhone 5.

(Credit: CNET)

Apple’s iPhone 6 will jump in screen size to almost 5 inches from the current 4 inches. At least, that’s the claim from Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White.

After meeting recently with an Apple supplier, White expressed confidence that a new big-screen iPhone will emerge next year, as reported by Boy Genius Report.

“Our meeting with a tech supply chain vendor highlighted a bigger iPhone is in the works, and our contact expects a launch in the 2Q:14/3Q:14 time frame,” White said in an investors note released on Thursday. “Nearly a year ago, our research in Asia uncovered early stage work on a larger iPhone, and we indicated in our Apple initiation report dated 9/4/13 that ‘a larger screen size on the iPhone is possible in 2014 that could approach 5 inches.’ Given today’s meeting, we are confident that a larger iPhone (approximately five inches) will become a reality in 2014.”

White’s prediction follows a similar claim from Jefferies analyst Peter Misek that the iPhone 6 will sport a 4.8-inch screen. Misek’s forecast followed a meeting between him and Apple suppliers in Asia. DisplaySearch analyst David Hsieh also is eyeing a larger screen for next year’s iPhone, specifically one that’s 4.7 inches.

Other reports have suggested even bigger screen sizes for a future iPhone, anywhere from 5.7 inches to 6 inches.

Apple has lost a large chunk of market share to the Android world, which offers a huge array of big-screened smartphones. Some rival phones are growing in size to 5.5 inches and even 6 inches. But Apple is unlikely to go that large, so a size somewhat under 5 inches sounds feasible. Apple could also offer a couple of different sizes to hedge its bets.

In his report, White also chimed in with some interesting thoughts on an Apple smartwatch. The analyst’s contact at the Apple supplier described an iWatch as “much more than an extension of your iPhone but as a multi-purpose gateway in allowing consumers to control their home (i.e., heating/cooling, lights, audio, video, etc.).”

White expects Apple to launch its iWatch before the end of 2014.

Original article was posted on cnet.com

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