Apple’s spaceship HQ goes from drawings to 3D diorama

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(Credit: Bay Area News Group)

We’ve seen what Apple’s campus reboot looks like in numerous renderings and drawings, but missing was a third dimension.

Now Apple has put together a miniature 3D model of the design to pitch Cupertino, Calif.’s city council. The San Jose Mercury News on Friday posted an entire collection of photos of that diorama, which is currently located in an office at the site where Apple hopes to build the new headquarters. The campus is expected to be completed in 2015.

The project was introduced in mid-2011 by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs just months before his death. Designed as a large circle with a handful of satellite buildings, the plans call for it to fit 14,000 employees, which is five times the number that Apple’s current headquarters can fit.

The local city council votes on the project next week, with a final vote set to take place in May.

Josh Lowensohn

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