Apple’s 2013 by the numbers: 150M iPhones, 71M iPads

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Apple earnings

Another year is in the bag for Apple.

No, the iPhone, iPad, and Mac maker has not somehow found a way to make the 12-month calendar two months thinner. It’s the end of its fiscal year, which wrapped up last month and has just been reported.

The company tallied up $7.5 billion in profits on $37.5 billion of sales in its fourth quarter, led once again by the iPhone.

Here’s how Apple did when stacking up its results for the entire year:

$170.9 billion in revenue.

$37 billion in profits.

150.2 million iPhones sold (versus 125 million last year).

71.1 million iPads sold (versus 58.31 million last year).

16.5 million Macs sold (versus 18.15 million last year).

26.4 million iPods sold (versus 35.16 million last year).

$16 billion in revenue from its iTunes business.

More than 400 million visitors at its retail stores

49 new or remodeled retail stores.

$50 million in revenue per store

15 “strategic acquisitions,” according to CEO Tim Cook, who mentioned the metric during the company’s earnings call.

And, in chart form:

(Credit: Josh Lowensohn/CNET)
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