Leaked iPhone 6 sapphire screen tough, but not unbreakable

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Recent videos claim to show the supposed sapphire screen withstanding some intense abuse — but it’s not invincible.

This supposed iPhone 6 screen is tough but not invincible.Video screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

Earlier this week, I nearly had an anxiety attack over the prospect that the expected iPhone 6 would sport a sapphire screen impervious to even the most creative methods of torture-testing, which has became a passionate hobby of mine in recent years.

This excited panic was brought on by a video showing a purported iPhone 6 sapphire screen taking all sorts of abuse from big blades without showing so much as a scratch. Frequent Apple leaker Sonny Dickson also posted a video earlier this week that allegedly shows a rather flexible sapphire crystal display destined for the iPhone 6.

I envisioned having to journey to the ends of the Earth or get reacquainted with the harsh handshake of battery acid in order to really push Apple’s next big thing to its limits. (Check out my previous pondering post on the iPhone 6 screen to understand what I’m rambling about. )

A new video surfaced Thursday, this one apparently out ofHong Kong, that appears to show iPhone 6 screen panels standing up to similar forms of torture, including a direct flame. Eventually the video show a sapphire screen shattering when driven over with a car tire — reminding us that an iPhone 6 sapphire screen would be tough but not invincible.

You can watch this latest torture test below. Assuming these videos are accurate, which an expert recently said could be possible, I’m open to heading to Hawaii or Guatemala to do an extreme heat test on one of these with the help of a local volcano. Let me know how else in the comments you’d like to see a rumored iPhone 6 sapphire screen stretched to its limit.

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