Old Casio is Apple’s iWatch, say fanboys fooled by Kimmel

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Continuing a shtick that may be past its time, the late-night host asks people what they think of Apple’s smartwatch.

It gives him what he needs.Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Human beings are desperate creatures.

If they don’t have something new to buy right now, they become difficult beasts. Preying on this is something late-night host Jimmy Kimmel enjoys.

On a recent episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Kimmel sent out his usual crew of people-baiters and showed people a device they claimed was the much rumored Apple iWatch. Kimmel pulled a similar gag back in September, showing people an iPad Mini and telling them it was an it was iPhone 6.

How do you fool people into believing that you have Apple’s alleged smartwatch? Why, you show them a $20 Casio with an Apple logo slapped on the back.

“It looks a lot like something that’s affordable,” said one wise teen, who himself was wearing a substantial silver timepiece. The teen also enjoyed that the watch showed the date, as well as the time.

“It’s kind of like old school, but it’s still in style,” observed a slightly stylish but definitely not old school woman.

Of course, we have no idea what setup these people received before they showed themselves to be the eager people-pleasers that we all are. Point a camera at the average Hollywood human and they’ll begin talking long before they begin thinking.

The core of this amusement, though, is spoken by one very large bearded man.

“I just like that it has an Apple insignia on the back,” he said.

Another man, who looked not long out of school, but definitely too cool for it, added: “If it’s Apple, it’s good, right?”

But, wait, real people will actually say such things? Well, one lady wearing a fetching leopard print explained: “I would buy pretty much anything from Apple.”

When the truth of the watch is revealed to her, however, it’s compelling.

It might make some wonder why Apple doesn’t just keep churning out any old thing, but any Hollywood producer will tell you: always leave them wanting more.

via cnet.com

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