What we didn’t get from Apple’s iPhone 6 event

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Apple announced a pair of new iPhones and an Apple Watch, but here’s a quick look at what we didn’t hear from Apple today.


Yes, we got some new iPhones, a new line of watches and some other nifty new software and services today. That should all add up to a pretty satisfying helping of Apple products for one meal. But as is their nature, Apple launch events have a tendency to leave some people a little peckish. With that in mind, here’s a look at what Apple left off the menu at today’s event.

New iPads:
Some rumors suggested Apple might be refreshing the iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina with some small changes, including a bump in the processor and a few added features to match the new iPhones’ feature set. But we didn’t hear anything about new iPads and will most likely have to wait till October for Apple to unveil them.

New Macs:
For those of you waiting for Apple to come out with a new MacBook Air with a Retina display and other new Mac products, including a new 27-inch iMac and new Mac Mini (of any sort), you’re going to continue to wait for those to materialize. The design of the MacBook Air line hasn’t really changed in years and is due for a refresh.

OS X Yosemite release date or further details:
We know the next version of OS X (Yosemite) is coming, but we still don’t know exactly when it’ll be available to download and whether it will be free.

New Apple TV:
We’ve been waiting for a new Apple TV for a while (it’s been two years since the hardware was updated). It seems logical that Apple would add a gaming element to its list of features, but we’ll have to wait to find out what Apple has in store for its $99 streaming box.

New iPods:
All the iPods are getting pretty long in the tooth. The iPod Nano seventh-gen and the fifth-gen iPod Touch were introduced in September of 2012 (Touch got a price drop in June 2014). The Shuffle fourth gen debuted in September of 2010 and the Classic was last upgraded from 120GB to 160GB in September of 2009. No word yet on when we’ll see new iPods, but they could arrive next month if Apple continues its tradition of doing a second event in October.

New networking devices:
It’s been over a year since Apple’s Time Capsule and AirPort Extreme updated (June 2013), and AirPort Express was last updated June 2012. So, yes, it’s time for some new hardware updates. Just not today.

Exact release date for Apple Watch:
We got a nice sneak peek at the Apple Watch with Cook announcing a starting price of $349 and a release timeline of “early next year,” but we’ll need to wait patiently for more details on the device that’s already the most hyped product of the keynote.

iPhone 6 wishlist items:
Apple included some new features in its iPhones, but it did leave off a few features we would have liked to have seen. These include wireless charging, 32GB entry-level storage, a waterproof design and beefed up battery life.

As I said, Apple usually has a second event in October, so we could soon see refreshes to some or many of the products mentioned above. And, as always, if there are other products or features you’re waiting for Apple to introduce or upgrade, you can mention them in the comments section below.

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